Core Values

Lasting Life Change
Permanent, lasting life change is built on a personal, on-going relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe we must work to break the cycle that keeps people from being productive,
healthy, whole persons.

We believe that lasting life change requires accountability between the client and Lowcountry

Biblical Programs
We will use faith – based programs rooted in the Bible as the standard for developing the
means and methods for the establishments of right living and for improving the community.

We believe and teach that excellence honors God and inspires people. We regularly evaluate
all that we do to insure it meets the standards of excellence and effectiveness. We do ministry
intentionally rather than haphazardly, and when God calls us to do something, He calls us to
do it well.

We believe everything we do must be purposeful and be in line with our vision, our overall
purpose, and our core values.

All people are created by God, are of great importance to Him, and are to be valued.
Therefore, we will minister to all persons in the Tri-County Area regardless of circumstance.

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